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Why Buy from Us?

So what is so special about Eketahuna Country Meats?

We pride ourselves on producing beef and lamb the way nature intended – full of flavour and completely natural! Eketahuna Country Meats meat is “grass fed”, grown without hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified inputs, grain feeding or feedlot confinement, and is the very reason why 5 years ago we decided that we wanted to sell direct to our customers.

We also pride ourselves on how we treat our meat throughout the butchering process. This is why we have set up our own butchery and employ our own butcher, and not contract the work out. We have total control on how the meat is cared for. The meat is all dry aged, It is hung on the bone for a length of time to exccentuate the flavour and reduce the amount of water in the meat. We never add water to our mince and it is as lean as we can make it. We believe that eating less meat of higher quality is a healthy way to live.

We no longer wanted to supply to the bigger meat producers, due to the lack of industry recognition and appreciation for our “premium quality”, “grass fed”, “chemical free” and “hormone free” meat.

Eketahuna Country Meats want our customers to know the great lengths that we go to ensuring that the meat we produce is completely natural, the animal was born and raised on the property ensuring quality and consistency and that the animals live a happy, stress-free life.